Hearing Aids Powered With Artificial Intelligence

Much like smart appliances and entertainment platforms that can learn your needs and adjust to your unique preferences, AI-enhanced hearing devices use artificial intelligence to provide a clearer, more tailored listening experience.

The advanced technology in some of these devices not only amplifies sound and curbs background noise but can also:

  • Stream music, phone calls, and other audio from your favorite compatible electronics right to your ears
  • Track your physical activity, social engagement, and active listening to help you make informed decisions about your health and fitness
  • Automatically detect a fall and alert your preselected contacts, helping provide you and your loved ones peace of mind
  • Provide voice-controlled assistance to answer questions or handle commands, like, “Increase the volume” or “How can I find my phone?”
  • Let you create geotagged “memories” of your hearing settings, so your devices automatically switch to those preferences when your smartphone’s GPS detects you’re in a tagged location
  • Allow you to easily converse — through built-in translation capabilities — with people of different languages, breaking down communication barriers

Some of the AI-enabled capabilities may require an app that’s easily downloaded and a cinch to use.

Hearing is as individual as you are, which is why today’s sophisticated hearing aids are designed for improved listening on your terms. For a closer look at our groundbreaking AI-enhanced hearing technology, don’t wait. Contact our expert team to schedule your personal demo now.