We love our patients — and we want them to love the care they receive!

Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers , and that each gets the results they really need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting , making our patients happy is what we’re here for. See what they have to say about our practice!

Scott D. Covert

My visit was at the Easton office with Dr. Aland and her staff. They are all so very kind and helpful. I ended up not keeping my hearing aid but Dr. Aland and the ladies still treated me just the same. When the time comes that a hearing aid is right for me and my lifestyle I know just who to contact. Just wonderful people.

Nancy Huhn

Having an elderly parent in an assisted living facility presents challenges on an almost daily basis. Without her hearing aid, my mother totally loses her ability to communicate with her caregivers. So when one of the caregivers accidently dislodged the hearing aid while helping my mother dress and it went flying across the room, landing on the floor in a couple pieces, my mother was beside herself.

We were so fortunate to have the always calm, collected, and very skilled Mariya there to help. She was able to do a temporary fix and get my mother hearing again! We have since replaced the damaged hearing aid — it was long overdue anyway — but guess what? That "temporary fix" lasted for months and got Mom through a time when the new hearing aid had to be returned to the manufacturer for an adjustment. I rest much easier these days knowing that we have a back-up hearing aid for any emergencies that arise. Thanks, Mariya, and Chesapeake Hearing Centers, for the superb customer service.

Bob and Becky Patten

Dear Allison,

Thank you so much for your crucial part in providing the hearing aides that your parents shared with us. Thank you, too, for your advice and reassurance over the phone. Here in Santiago we have helped several deaf to obtain hearing aides through government agencies, but they were always prescribed by a doctor and fitted by an audiologist so the idea of fitting a hearing aid on the two young men without the help of qualified professionals was frightening to me. But talking with you reassured me that we should try it and I am so glad we did.

We were in Southern Chile last week in the little town of Lonquimay and were able to fit two Mapuche Indian youths from the Lolen Special Ed School with hearing aides. Martin, age 16 and Rody, age 21 both had hearing aides in the past, but Rody had lost his several years ago and Martin’s had been been broken for some time. The director of the school had tried everything to get hearing aides for both, but the only agency that seemed willing to help said that Rody was too old and although the director had completed all the application forms and had Martin tested two years in a row, both times, the applications had been misplaced and the boys as well as the director were very frustrated and had about given up hope.

They were thrilled when we fitted them with the hearing aides your parents had shared with us. Rody supposedly has a profound lost and Martín’s lost is moderate, but they both seemed to profit greatly from the aides that were fitted on them. Martín has a tiny auditory canal and making the mold for his ear was challenging, but Bob was finally able to get one that worked. We took pictures of both boys when they first tried the new aides and the pictures say everything. That night, we were invited to a year-end cookout at the school and it was so much fun to see the boys enjoying their hearing aides. Martín was dancing like he has music in his blood to a CD of typical Chilean music that they had set up. Later, Rody, thinking that no one could hear him, put his head down under the table and began saying words in a loud voice, experimenting with hearing his own voice. That was one of the many times that day when I blinked tears away from my eyes.

We want to send a letter to Doctor Hutto thanking him for the aides. We will send it to your e-mail address and ask you to get it to him.

Again, thanks so much. Wish you could have been with us this week to share in the many thanks that we have received. The director and every teacher in the school made a point to thank us personally, and the boys each gave us a gift from the crafts that they had made, but their smiles and hugs were even more precious than their carefully crafted gifts. May God bless you for your part in this wonderful gift to the deaf of Chile. We are praying that God will lead us to more deaf in rural areas who need hearing aides and that through the hearing aides we can introduce them to the gift of eternal life that Jesus Christ has purchased for them.

Tom Dicken

I thought I would give you and the staff a Chesapeake Hearing Centers a long overdue thank you.

It’s been about 15 years since my first visit to your office, It all started with my family convincing me to get my hearing checked.

During that visit, after as short question and answer session you had me in the sound booth for my first test and confirmed my fears – I needed hearing aids. You fitted me with one aid for starters but not long after, I was back to be fitted for the other ear.

Over the years, you kept me abreast of the change in technology and my increased needs. I went from simple in-the-ear aids to computer programmed digital aids. One even had a remote control for changing programs.

When my hearing deteriorated to the point where hearing aids offered little help, you encouraged me to look into having a Cochlear ear implant at Johns Hopkins. Two months ago the implant was activated and I am doing great.

Over the years, you documented my situation with letters to my insurance company that smoothed the path financially and you offered encouragement when I had doubts. It was always obvious to me that you truly cared.

So, to you and the excellent staff at Chesapeake Hearing Centers, “THANK YOU”.

William B. Overstreet

For years our family members have relied on Chesapeake Hearing to help them with various types of aids to meet their needs. We have always been pleased with the attention and concern by your audiologists. Recently, I chose to upgrade my aids and Dr. Ashley Hall has been outstanding in trying to obtain hearing aids to meet my requirements. Actually, she pursued on her own initiative several sources and in doing so displayed patience, cooperation and concern for her patient. She, to my wife and me, is a truly valued employee.

Marjorie B.

Dear Caroline and Tim,

Many thanks for your kind letter…

My very best to you both, and thank you again for your kindnesses, and always “being there for me.”

Diana Temple

Dear Caroline and Chesapeake Hearing Center Staff,

Going through a sudden hearing loss (SHL) event is a traumatic experience. I would say that when I first came to your offices, I needed not just a hearing test and a hearing aid, but also advice on how to deal with the disruption a loss of hearing causes. I don’t know that I would have adjusted to the loss of more than 60% of my hearing (all in one day’s time) so quickly if it had not been for your caring staff.

It has been 11 years since I got my first hearing aid through Chesapeake Hearing Center and I really feel that there is a great support and relationship bond between customers and CHC. I can call up at any time and get an appointment to have my hearing aid checked, cleaned or serviced or have my hearing tested. I can even come in just to ask questions about devices that might help me in new life circumstances. I can try new hearing aids, or get a free loaner hearing aid when my own goes on the fritz. The service I get here is unmatched. You have made sure the hearing aids I have purchased were the ones that best fit my needs and lifestyle and you have serviced those aids to help me get the best life and value out of them. I can’t imagine buying an aid from anyone else. This service is better than any warranty I could ever imagine getting!

With my hearing continuing to deteriorate over the years, I appreciated the advice and prompting to look into cochlear implants. Experiencing this new type of hearing is both a challenge and a great gift! You truly do want the very best for your customers and I really value that.

Thank you for all that you do!

Mary Norma Thompson

The doctor was so warm and friendly and I didn’t even realize she was the doctor! At almost 98 years old, I came to Chesapeake Hearing Centers to get my hearing tested. I did not realize how much I was missing. Once I got my hearing aids, what a difference they made. My life has really benefitted from the hearing aids because I am now able to participate in my own healthcare decisions because I can hear what is being said about me. I can also participate in conversations with my family members and my responses make sense now that I can hear the conversations and questions being asked.


Chesapeake has restored my hearing back to 100%. No words can express just how complete I feel. My family and I thank you…Good job to Kristin and the rest of the Eastern Shore team.

Dee O’Fiesh

It’s always a joy to come to your ‘happy office’ and I always recommend you, especially to those who are gray! Hugs to Caroline and Tim

Omar Stoltzfus

I’m very glad for the Salisbury office. I’m very glad about the service; they way they’ve treated me has been great. Allison has been great! I’m going to send people to Chesapeake Hearing Centers.