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Let’s Clean!

  1. Always take the batteries out before cleaning your hearing aid.
  2. The case or the shell of your device is best cleaned with a soft cloth or brush as described above. If there are particularly difficult parts, you can use a damp cloth to help remove the debris.
  3. The receiver is most subject to wax buildup, so you will want to be sure to be careful and thorough when scooping out debris. It’s also good practice to focus on brushing the receiver when you’re done scooping to make sure you’ve gotten everything.
  4. Using the brush again, gently clean the microphone.
  5. When done, keep your batteries out and the door open (brush gently) on a towel at night. Even better, a dehumidifier is more effective in removing moisture from your technology, helping it last longer.

Cleaning hearing aids manually is the ideal way to maintain them, but over time debris, dust, and wax will build up, so take advantage of your practice’s clean and checks. During this time, parts will be thoroughly cleaned or even replaced to make sure your technology is working its best — so your hearing can too.

How To Clean A Hearing Aid

Cleaning Your Hearing Aid Microphone

The microphone of your hearing aid will become dirty over time.

Dr. Allison Holtz will show you how to properly clean and brush your hearing aid microphone in order for you to get the best use out of your hearing aid between your regular cleanings.

How To Clean A Hearing Aid Microphone

How Do I Change My Batteries?

  1. Unlock battery compartment by sliding small switch on battery door to right until it clicks and colored mark disappears.
  2. Open battery door using nail grip.
  3. Remove old battery (if necessary).
  4. Remove new battery from package, and pull protective tab from battery. Let the battery rest for 5 minutes before placing battery into compartment.
  5. Align “+” sign on flat side of battery with “+” sign on battery door.
  6. When battery is secure, close door.
  7. To lock battery compartment, slide small switch on battery door to left until it clicks and colored mark is visible.

How To Change Hearing Aid Batteries