For more than 38 years, Chesapeake Hearing Centers has provided superior audiology services to patients and medical practices in the area. Our providers are licensed, credentialed, and dedicated to improving the communication of all our patients. Each patient experiences our 3-Step Process: An extensive history or interview reveals the patient’s symptoms and concerns; the otoscopic evaluation and audiologic exam make up the next step; and a careful review of findings and recommendations finishes the process. Whenever possible, we encourage our patients to involve their significant other or companion as it is typically the communication with those closest to the patient that are affected the most. We find that this optimizes the experience and helps bring the patient and their family closer to solutions that are just right for them.

It is this dedication to the understanding of our patients and their family’s communication needs that has helped us successfully improve thousands of people’s lives and sets us apart from other providers in our area. Educated, credentialed, and experienced—we evaluate, treat, and serve exactly the way we would want to be treated, with professional expertise, courtesy, and respect.

This same dedication is extended to our referring providers. We understand that your patients are your primary concern. We not only strive to treat our referred patients with courtesy and respect, but we have a company policy to send reports to all of our referring providers within 48 hours. If reports are needed sooner, we can accommodate. And if a discussion regarding a patient’s care or needs is required, our providers are always just a phone call away. We thank you for your trust in us, and we look forward to continuing to provide services for you and your patients for many years to come.

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