Dr. Rachel Pomycala, Au.D.


Dr. Rachel Pomycala, Au.D., received her doctorate from Gallaudet University in May 2017 and fulfilled her clinical fellowship requirements with Chesapeake Hearing Centers. She was raised in the small town of Pasadena, MD, and earned her bachelor’s degree in hearing and speech sciences from University of Maryland-College Park in 2012.

Dr. Pomycala’s clinical experiences have included training at the Gallaudet Hearing and Speech Center; Chesapeake Hearing Centers; The Listening Center at Johns Hopkins Medical Center; and Professional Hearing Services in Springfield, VA. Along with the clinical experiences provided by these different facilities, Gallaudet University offered a comprehensive battery of educational opportunities including pediatric audiology, vestibular/balance education, pharmacology, aural rehabilitation, cochlear implantation, and central auditory processing assessment, among others. While at Gallaudet University, Dr. Pomycala also learned American Sign Language (ASL) and is able to communicate with patients in ASL.

Dr. Pomycala entered the field of audiology because she has a strong passion for helping individuals with hearing loss. She has traveled to Cambodia and Nicaragua on hearing mission trips, where she had the opportunity to fit hearing aids for those in need. Her biggest interests include hearing aid technology, diagnostics, and humanitarian audiology.

Outside of the audiology world, Dr. Pomycala enjoys volunteering at animal shelters and going to the beach with her family and friends. Dr. Pomycala can be seen in our Ocean Pines and Salisbury (East Park) offices for basic audiologic and tinnitus assessment, cerumen management, hearing device evaluation and counseling, and other hearing device troubleshooting and repair services.