One of the coolest innovations in hearing aid technology over the past decades is the increasing ability to provide a customized solution for you. Using the latest hearing aid programming software, we can adjust hearing aids to your specific hearing loss. But in order to do so, we need a recent hearing test on file. Using a the hearing test, your provider will guide the hearing aids to amplify sound at the frequencies where you have the most trouble hearing.

For instance, if you are having trouble hearing women’s and children’s voices, the hearing test will likely show us that you need some volume gain in the higher frequencies. Your Chesapeake Hearing Centers provider will study your hearing test and ensure that your hearing aids are amplifying volume at the higher frequencies so that you can improve your understanding of women’s and children’s voices. We can verify that the adjustment is working by using Real Ear technology to pinpoint and attempt to close gaps in your hearing aid benefit.

In order to adjust your hearing aids, we will need to use a hearing test that was completed within the past year. If you are transferring from another facility and don’t have your old hearing test, we will be happy to complete a new hearing test for you. If you have a hearing test on file, but it is more than a year old, your retest should be fairly quick. This is because we are focused on checking for any changes rather than starting from scratch.

Hearing loss can change over time, and if you don’t adjust your hearing aids to accommodate these changes, you may find that you are no longer hearing as well with your hearing aids as you did when you first started wearing them. Our goal is to help you hear better — not just when you first purchase your hearing aids but throughout the life of the devices.

While hearing aids can’t cure your hearing loss, our job as hearing professionals is to help make the most of what hearing you have left. Please give us a call if you feel a change in your hearing or notice a reduction in the benefit you are getting from your hearing aids.

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