Doctor with patient

Experienced Professionals:

The first step in purchasing hearing aids involves an evaluation of your hearing and of your communication needs. The hearing professional will interview you and your companion to find out where you are experiencing difficulty, how frequently, and how important those situations are to you. You will receive a thorough evaluation of your ears and a comprehensive hearing aid assessment. This allows the provider to assess the whole picture of your hearing issues and communication needs.

Expert Advice:

Your provider will put together the test results and interview information to help you and your companion understand how much hearing loss you have, how it is affecting you and those you communicate with, and what can be done to help improve your communication situation. Although, for the purposes of this article, hearing aids are generally recommended, other communication strategies may also be options. Realistic expectations and limitations of your hearing loss should be reviewed. If the hearing testing reveals a possible medical issue, proper referrals may be discussed. You and your companion’s questions and concerns should be answered completely.

Extraordinary Technology:

When purchasing hearing aids, the best technology for your specific needs should be chosen. There are six major manufacturers of hearing aids, and they all have excellent products. There are also some lesser brands that may not have the best technology and are generally available in big-box stores or for online purchases. Usually, private providers work with the major manufacturers and may choose one or two that they work well with. The technology most appropriate for each patient may vary depending on the patients’ needs and budget.

Excellent Service:

Hearing aids are simply the devices used to help a patient improve their hearing. The service associated with the evaluation, fitting, and follow-ups helps the patient and their loved ones reach their communication goals and understand their needs beyond amplification. It is important to know that your provider will stand behind the technology and continue to provide exceptional care and expert advice throughout your hearing journey.

Exceptional Value:

Hearing aids can be expensive. When looking for the best option for you or your loved one, it is important to understand what you are getting for your money. You may shop for the cheapest products and later find that you do not have the technology you need to solve your communication needs or the services required to continue to hear at your optimal level. In private practices, most services are bundled into the price. The initial cost may be higher than online purchases or big-box stores, but the expertise from the provider and continued care are generally covered. Most patients need regular services to maintain the best results from the hearing aids. These services may include routine cleanings, annual hearing evaluations and adjustments, and troubleshooting or repairs when necessary. Remember the cost of the hearing aids should include these services to obtain your best value.

Purchasing hearing aids can be a complicated and confusing journey. Ensuring that you are comfortable with your provider, trusting the company or clinic, and feeling that the solution is customized to your needs is your key to success.

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