A team dedicated to your needs

The Roles of Each of Our Team Members in Providing Excellent Patient Care

At Chesapeake Hearing Centers we pride ourselves on our team approach to patient care. From the moment you contact us and throughout the process, our entire staff strives to provide you the best care in every aspect of the patient experience.

Our front office staff works to schedule our patients quickly and appropriately, obtaining the necessary information as well as providing the information that will prepare you to maximize your experience in the office. They check and double check the schedule to ensure all is right before you arrive.

But their job is not done. When you walk into our office, our front office staff greets you, checks your paperwork, and communicates any pertinent information needed to continue that ideal patient experience. Their responsibilities continue behind the scenes with data entry, managing the telephones, and ensuring that all the supplies the professionals require are in place.

Our back office staff is equally important. They continue with the data entry and manage insurance billings and product orders. Our insurance specialist is always looking for ways to optimize reimbursement and reduce our patients’ out-of-pocket expenses. Our hearing aid coordinator processes our product and repair orders, checking each and every one of them to make sure we have the right product for the right patient.

Our audiologists and hearing aid dispensers are well-educated and highly experienced. The audiologists are all doctors with many years of graduate education and clinical training at universities, hospitals, government agencies, private practices, and health departments. Our hearing aid dispensers all hold college degrees with additional training in hearing aid dispensing and patient management. All of our professionals maintain well over the state required hours of continuing education each year.

This enables our team to design and implement an individualized solution to meet each patient’s specific needs. Hearing loss and hearing aids are not one-size-fits-all. Various medical issues may lead us down one path while we educate, counsel, listen, and advise. We may then recommend the appropriate hearing aids or assistive listening devices. We always have our thinking caps on. We frequently consult each other to help find the best approach for your particular situation.

Each team member is as important to your experience as the next. We pride ourselves on this team approach. Your hearing is important to you. It is important to us, and it is the reason we do everything possible to ensure you maximize your hearing for the rest of your life. We have labeled this process as Patients for Life — a team approach to better hearing that occurs over time.

The most important members of our team are you and those whom you communicate with on a daily basis. This may include a spouse, children, and other relatives and close friends. Sometimes we forget the others close to us in this process, the family and close friends, but think of it this way — hermits don’t need hearing aids. Hearing is important because it is our primary means to communicate with those around us. This is why we believe it is so important to bring a companion to appointments whenever possible. They can be valuable in the evaluation process as you begin the journey to better hearing.

Designing the solution that is the best for you may be the worst solution for someone else. We are ever vigilant to this most important aspect of care, and we look forward to being part of your team.