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Summertime means being outside — at the beach, on the boat, hiking, biking, and getting caught in rainstorms. This means that enjoying summer fun also means taking extra care of your hearing technology. Modern hearing aids are covered with both hydrophobic and oleophobic sealant to protect from water and oil, but they can still be damaged by excessive moisture — whether by an accidental dunk in the pool, an unexpected downpour, or profuse perspiration.

Here are some good tips for keeping your hearing aids functioning well during the hot summer months:


  • Open the battery doors at night. This not only increases battery life but also allows air to circulate inside the hearing aids.
  • Consider using a dry jar. These are plastic jars filled with desiccant beads that absorb moisture and are an economical way to remove moisture from your instruments when you’re not wearing them.
  • Take a protective case with you when leaving the house so you have somewhere safe to put your hearing aids if the opportunity for a dip in the pool arises.
  • Wear Ear Gears on your aids. These thin fabric sleeves provide a layer of protection against moisture and debris, and they can be especially helpful when playing sports.
  • Invest in a Dry & Store — a plug-in device that removes moisture by using desiccants, heat, and moving air.
  • Stop into one of our offices for a thorough clean and check, including running your hearing aids through our vacuum pump to vacuum out debris. (Please call first to ensure we’re available to help.


  • Stop wearing your hearing instruments just because the temperature rises. At Chesapeake Hearing Centers, we are committed to helping you hear in all environments that are important to you. Let us help you get the most out of your summer adventures!
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