Summer Ear Care

“Summertime, and the living is easy” is a refrain from a famous song. When summer hits, we often tend to slow down and enjoy ourselves outside with family or friends. But with all this extra time outside, how will this affect your hearing?

First, summer activities can be noisy. Concerts and fireworks are the fun things, but we also tend to pull out mowers and other loud yard tools. These events can be dangerously loud, so be sure to protect your hearing with proper hearing protection. Use what is most comfortable, as hearing protection that is worn is better than hearing protection not worn!
Various other conditions can affect your ear health. Swimmer’s ear becomes more common in the summer. This can be very painful and may require a visit to your doctor for eardrops or antibiotics.

Sunscreen on the outer ear will keep your ears protected from sunburn. Dust and dirt can be a bigger problem, but don’t be tempted to use cotton swabs to “clean” Your ears. Regular soap and water with a washcloth during your bath or shower is fine.

Keep summertime easy with these basic tips, and enjoy all the sounds summer can give!