The Sounds of Spring and Your Hearing Aids!

Living in Maryland, we get to experience the wonders of the seasons. Summer near the bay, mountains, or shore can be packed with adventures. Fall is when the blue crabs are fat and the nights start to cool down. Winter can bring cold days, snow, and juicy oysters. Spring, though, is a marvelous time to live in Maryland.

When those first warm days hit, Marylanders hit the outdoors and attack the gardens. We love our fresh-grown vegetables and cannot wait to turn the soil. Our migratory visitors fly over our heads on the journey north, bringing a great deal of clamor to the mornings and nights. Robins bounce across our yards and birds of all species start to sing their songs of joy. What a great time of year to hear!
Those hours spent in the garden or yard kick up dirt and dust that settle on you and all you wear. Clothes go into the laundry, you jump in the shower, and yet your aids get set on the night stand. Yes, hearing aids take a beating in the spring!

Now is the best time to visit your audiologist for a cleaning. All those small parts on your aid can be cleaned to allow your aids to perform at their best. The audiologist has the specialized tools and cleaning agents that will not harm hearing aids and can quickly do routine maintenance.

Spring may also be a good time to get your hearing checked. Most providers will want to test your hearing annually to make sure your aids are programmed for your maximum benefit.

So to really enjoy the sounds of spring, visit your local audiologist so you won’t miss a single peep.