Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aid batteries vary in how long they last, depending on the battery size & capacity and the amount of use each day.

A common battery size is 312, which typically last 5–7 days on average.
Size 10 batteries last 2–4 days on average.
Size 13 batteries last 8–11 days on average.
Size 675 batteries last up to 14 days on average.

In order to get the optimum life out of your hearing aid batteries, make sure to let them fully air-activate before inserting them into the aid. Activate each battery just before use by peeling the sticker off the battery, then wait up to one minute before closing the battery door.

Please keep in mind, if your hearing aids have the capability to stream audio from your phone or other wireless/Bluetooth devices, this will cause batteries to drain faster than hearing aids without wireless streaming capability.

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