DIY Tips for Changing Your Hearing Aid Batteries

Staying Powered to Hear Your Best

Is your hearing technology constantly beeping?
Are you having to turn up the volume louder than usual?
Does the sound from your device seem distorted?

These are potential signs that your hearing aid battery needs changing. As many Marylanders stay home to stay safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to fortify you with DIY tips to help keep your hearing technology powered and at your service.

Changing the batteries is an easy but important step to maintaining optimal hearing, so don’t miss our one-minute video that walks you through:

  • Quickly preparing the battery for use
  • Opening your hearing instrument’s battery door
  • Properly inserting the battery into the device

Have questions? Please contact us. Plus, learn about our continuing commitment to serve you during this challenging time through our curbside drop-off program. We’re here to help!