Chesapeake Hearing Centers’ Tim Aland (left) presents a donation check to dedicated National Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation volunteer and fellow CHC team member Maris Walker.


Contribution Helps in Fight Against “Children’s Alzheimer’s”

We’re passionate about helping people at Chesapeake Hearing Centers, and that extends to our community giving, too. It’s why we were pleased to donate to the National Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation, a cause especially close to our own Maris Walker’s heart.

Niemann-Pick disease, which affects an estimated 1,700 people worldwide, is a collection of metabolic disorders that interferes with the body’s ability to store and process lipids or crucial fatty compounds. It can lead to a harmful buildup impacting critical organs such as the brain, liver, and lungs.

The rare disease results from a genetic mutation and largely occurs in children, who may experience a range of symptoms, including some that are typically associated with cognitive decline or dementia. Niemann-Pick disease type C, in fact, has also been called “childhood Alzheimer’s.”

Maris lost her grandson, Dillon Papier, to this disease when he was 14 years old. Dillon was a fighter and a lover of life and everything baseball. Along with Dillon’s parents, Mark and Darrile, Maris has spent countless hours raising awareness and funds for research. We’re honored to stand with her through efforts, including this donation to the foundation.

Did you know? Our monthly donation initiative, launched in November 2021, sets aside funds from hearing aid sales to give to local charities selected by our caring staff. The list of organizations the fund has benefited continues to grow.

A few of the entities helped thus far:

  • North Dorchester High School
  • Worcester County Humane Society
  • Hospice of the Chesapeake
  • SPAN Inc.
  • Haven Ministries

Our committed team and the people we’re privileged to serve every day help make it possible for us to give back. Learn more about Chesapeake Hearing Centers’ community service — including our monthly donations — and the many wonderful organizations we’ve been able to help support. As we embark on a new year, we’re proud to continue a strong legacy of sharing.